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4.4 stars - 56 reviews
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4.4 stars - 56 reviews
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About Family Handyman Magazine Subscription

Turn your home into the place of your dreams with Family Handyman! As the ultimate home improvement guidebook, this magazine has helped DIY-ers update their homes since the 1950s. Whether you're just getting started or have been putting your personal touch on houses for years, Family Handyman Magazine offers exciting new DIY projects for every level of DIYer!

"A Long-Time Favorite"
"Really enjoy reading the projects and knowing the detailed instructions will insure a beautiful result to my projects. Thank you for many and varied articles." - by Anonymous.
"Family Handyman - Very Helpful Magazine"
"My husband and I both enjoy 'Family Handyman Magazine' We renew every year because of the great problem-solving ideas & suggestions, as well as helpful reviews about new products and procedures." - by Darbynme.
"Excellent resource"
"This magazine has great ideas for improvements, making simple Christmas gifts and reminders for routine maintenance. I am Glad to be a subscriber." - by Anonymous.

If you're looking for the best DIY projects, look no further! The Family Handyman Magazine gives you complete step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations and photos, making the process as smooth as possible. This great magazine has everything from plans to build beginner step stools to expert woodworking projects!

"Best magazine for homeowners!"
"There are some good magazines for homeowners out there. If you want the best, get The Family Handyman. The articles are written with easy-to-understand articles and plenty of pictures. Another thing often overlooked is that the articles are pertinent for the ordinary homeowner. A lot of the other magazines on the market have too many "projects" that really don't apply to normal households." - by BD.

There's no better advice than from industry pros, and this magazine provides the best tips for getting your projects done right. Discover handy hints from experienced tradespeople like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and more!

"Best magazine for DIY'ers"
"If you are someone who likes to fix whatever needs fixing without depending or waiting on a professional house call, then Family Handyman will become your most awaited magazine. While there are several quite good niche magazines such as Woodsmith or Fine woodworking no other presents the breadth of topics routinely covered in Family Handyman. For the thrifty, expensive appliance service calls are an anathema. Small, relatively inexpensive but crucial parts are easily obtainable, and with Family Handyman I have learned to troubleshoot and install them. …" - by Leon G.

Each issue of Family Handyman features time and money-saving hints to help get the job done right! Learn how to maintain your home correctly, discover the best new products to aid your improvement journey, and find new DIY projects to put on your wish list!

"The most down-to-earth home repair magazine I have ever read."
"This magazine is full of simple and inexpensive ideas to use around the home. I enjoy every single issue because it helps me keep my home in shape without spending a great deal of money. It is one of my favorite magazines and I read it cover to cover, then pass it on to my husband who also enjoys it." - by Jaycee.
"Save money"
"You'll learn lots of home improvements that you can build yourself for fun and utility." - by AlfaRon.

Begin a new subscription for a friend (and yourself!) today! Looking for digital issues? Subscribe to The Family Handyman Digital! Browse more Family Handyman customer reviews here.

"The absolute best do-it-yourself magazine on the market"
"I enjoy woodworking and how-to magazines and if I could only subscribe to one, Family Handyman is the absolute first choice." - by Leon.
"A Must Magazine for your Handyman"
"I Love this magazine - and I'm a woman! I frequently get it for a gift for those who like to tinker about the house! Have been giving this magazine for years!!" - by Anonymous.

From Trusted Media Brands, Inc., Family Handyman publishes 9 issues in a one-year subscription but reserves the right to change the number of issues in an annual term, including discontinuing any format and substituting and/or modifying the manner in which the subscription is distributed.

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